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Workplace Pension Services

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Workplace Pension Services

In addition to personal financial planning, the Trigon Financial Services (TFS) team provide services to employers in relation to their workplace pension scheme.  The TFS Corporate team specialise in contract-based workplace pension schemes, in particular automatic enrolment, scheme governance and employee financial education.

Automatic Enrolment Advice and Scheme Recommendation

We’ve helped a number of employers of varying sizes comply with their automatic enrolment duties. Many employers wish to do more than just comply and look to establish a scheme that provides members with more choice and flexibility.  Our recommendation for a suitable qualifying workplace pension scheme therefore takes into account your specific requirements.

Pension Scheme Governance

Pension scheme governance allows employers to maintain ongoing oversight of their scheme, enabling early identification and resolution of any problems and reassuring employers that the scheme is being run in members’ best interests.

Employers taking an active role in the running of their workplace scheme tend to feel more comfortable in their knowledge and understanding of pensions and relevant legislation, which can ultimately help to improve retention and engagement amongst staff.

Member One-to-One Meetings

We offer a focused advice service to members of group pension schemes.  Areas discussed include contributions, investment and attitude to risk, relevant pension legislative changes, as well as other pensions that members may be considering transferring.

These sessions typically last 20-30 minutes and are always highly valued by staff.

Financial Education to Staff 

Financial education in the workplace is becoming more and more important as the onus shifts to individuals to save for their own retirement.  We can provide group presentations or workshops to educate staff on their company pension plan, covering topics such as investment and retirement options, and can produce bespoke presentations based on key areas of interest for your staff. 

Some aspects of the advice we provide on our workplace pension services are not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority such as advice to employers on the design of pension schemes for their employees including Group Personal Pension (GPP) contracts. Arranging the set-up of a GPP scheme, however, is a regulated activity. Further, advice to employers on health and well-being schemes (e.g. Death in Service, Group Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance) and the provision of individual retirement planning advice to employees is also regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and you may therefore have recourse to regulatory protection provided by The Financial Conduct Authority.


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David Gascoigne, Managing Director, is responsible for the provision of our range of workplace pension services.

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