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Charity Fundraising

Charities of the year

At the start of each company year employees here at Trigon are invited to nominate a charity that they feel passionate about to become our charity of the year.  This year we have decided to keep thing close to home and support two well derserving Bristol charities.

The chosen charities for 2019-20 are:


In 2013, The Southmead Breast Care Centre was expanded to include the United Hospitals Bristol staff and patients.   The clinical teams are now working together to create a Centre of Excellence for breast care in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Over 22,000 patients per year attend the Bristol Breast Care Centre, including a significant number of male patients.  The numbers will continue to grow in line with the increased awareness of breast disease, especially in younger women.  BUST is pleased to support the important work of this excellent team by raising money to support innovation and purchase of new technology, such as state-of-the-art scanners, before it is available through the NHS.  BUST has raised more than £1,700,000 and every penny has been spent supporting patient care.  As well as providing equipment BUST is also contributing towards pioneering surgery.


Julian Trust - Night Shelter

Various official surveys have suggested that Bristol has the largest numbers of homeless outside of London. One thing is certain that those who are roofless, sleeping rough around the city, have the most appalling conditions to contend with. It was for them that the Julian Trust was originally set up. Of those who present themselves at the Night Shelter many have been, or feel, rejected by society. Some are bewildered, confused, suspicious, even angry. They all share the burdens of poverty, loneliness and the inability at times to cope with life’s basic demands.  These are men and women who have in many cases fallen out with the requirements of established institutions and who now, for a time, find they have nowhere else to go. In their emergency they will find a welcome at the Night Shelter with its open-door policy. For them, the Julian Trust offers human contact and the basic needs of food, warmth and an emergency bed for the night.


Charities of the year for 2018-19

We are very pleased to confirm that we raised £7,105.00 for our 2018-19 charities of the year - The Brain Tumour Society, St Peter's Hospice, Mind Birmingham and Alzheimers Society.  In addition to this amount, all of the charities received gift aid contributions from a number of the generous donations made throughout the year.


If you would like to support us in any of our events then please contact the charity committee at or make a donation for BUST Bristol via our Just Giving page  For donations for Julians Trust please contact Nikki Sullivan on