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Staff Volunteering Day


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For our 2016 away day staff volunteered at the Feed Bristol project.  Tasks included digging a trench for a waterpipe to fill the pond, building raised beds and maintaining food-growing beds.  Staff were rewarded for their hard work with an organic lunch, harvested fresh from the plots and cooked on the fire for the full outdoor experience. 

Feed Bristol is a community farm that grows food organically in a nature friendly way with the aim of supporting disadvantaged and marginalised people. It is part of Avon Wildlife Trust where the aim is to connect people with nature to improve health and wellbeing through being outside.  All food is produced by people with different needs and abilities such as mental health or learning difficulties. It is a non-profit making project where produce is shared with community groups or delivered to community kitchens to support nursing homes, homeless shelters and other projects which service disadvantage people.