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Trigon Charity Abseil

No DescriptionEarlier this month, 21 of Trigon's bravest employees took to the dizzying heights of Avon Gorge in aid of the £25,000 charity challenge. On the day, last minute nervous kicked in and there was even a somewhat conveniant claim of a sprained ankle from a particulary frightened employee. However, fuelled with adrenaline and resolute on smashing Trigon's ambitious target, we're delighted to announce that everyone made it down in one piece, with only the odd grazed knee and the occassional 'never again' comments. There were a couple whose descent looked more like a ballet display than an abseil with spins, splits, twists, and face plants put into their routine every few steps. The last two or three descended the rock face long after the sun had disappeared. All in all, a very successfull event, which surged the charity pot nearly £1,000 closer towards our £25,000 target. So what's next? Bungee Jumping? Sky diving? Watch this space!